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The gavel has come down hard for Clipse former manager, Anthony Gonzalez, as he was sentenced to 32 years behind bars on Monday.

Admitting to his participation as the leader of a drug ring that accumulated $20 million, Gonzalez, 34, received the minimum sentence based off of federal guidelines with it being partially credited to the fact that he was cooperative with the government along with the fact that his past criminal record was not outstanding.

Based on his cooperation once behind bars, he may find his prison sentence lowered even more.

As the leader of the organization, Gonzalez stated that he ran things primarily from Encore Lounge, a nightclub located in Virginia Beach, which has since then been shut down.  His dealings in narcotics have been tied in connection with Tim Montgomery, an Olympic gold medalist, and Marlon Reed, former Bloods gang leader.

In his five year stint, prosecutors were able to find him responsible behind the distribution of over half a ton of cocaine, a ton of marijuana and hundreds of pounds in heroin that circulated throughout the region.

Known for his involvement within the community, many were in disbelief that Gonzalez engaged in such activity.

“These are obviously staggering amounts of drugs,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Darryl Mitchell.  “One can only imagine what that’s done to the community.”

Now that his life has caught up with him, he can only look around and realize his misfortune and deal with the consequences ahead of him.

“I just want to say that I’m sorry to my family and I’m sorry to the community,” Gonzalez said to the U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Friedman.

Lawrence H. Woodward Jr, the attorney for Gonzalez, even added that he was very intelligent and unfortunately didn’t utilize his potential to be successful in a more positive lane.

“It’s always puzzling and sad when someone with that ability doesn’t use it for constructive purposes,” Woodward said.

He added that although his client lived a fast and luxurious life, Gonzalez knew that one day the tides would eventually turn and he would find himself behind a prison wall or dead.

Walking away in handcuffs, Gonzalez was given support with around 40 people filling the courtroom and some saying “We love you.”