The gavel has come down hard for Clipse former manager, Anthony Gonzalez, as he was sentenced to 32 years behind bars on Monday. Admitting to his participation as the leader of a drug ring that accumulated $20 million, Gonzalez, 34, received the minimum sentence based off of federal guidelines with it being partially credited to […]


VA lyrical spitters recently crashed the Playboy Mansion for New Year’s. Peep the flicks of Malice & Pusha T brushing shoulders with Hugh Hefner and a few of the Playboy bunnies after the jump.

It’s been over three years since fans heard a major release from the Virginia duo The Clipse. After releasing their debut album Lord Willin’ that fans and critics alike praised as a refreshing form of lyricism, the duo followed up with their more darker album Hell Hath No Fury which although far more grittier than […]

The latest rapper to get hit with a lawsuit is N.E.R.D. front man, Pharrell. He’s being sued by Thomas Jordan, a lead singer for an alternative rock group called Geggy Tah. According to Jordan, Pharrell stole the beat from Geggy Tah’s song, “Wherever You Are” for the song “Feel Like Me.” He produced the song […]