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The latest rapper to get hit with a lawsuit is N.E.R.D. front man, Pharrell. He’s being sued by Thomas Jordan, a lead singer for an alternative rock group called Geggy Tah. According to Jordan, Pharrell stole the beat from Geggy Tah’s song, “Wherever You Are” for the song “Feel Like Me.”

He produced the song for his fellow native Virginians, The Clipse. The song was released in 2007. Pharrell is currently working on the soundtrack for a new animated film called “Despicable Me”. The film will be released in June 2010.

In related news, The Clipse’ new album Till The Casket Drops is slated for release this November. That project will also include production from Pharrell, Rick Rubin and collaboration with Kanye West called “Kinda Like A Big Deal.”