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Remember St. Louis rapper, J-Kwon? It appears that the “Tipsy” rapper is getting a little play, especially after Kanye West mentioned in an epic New York Times interview that the 2004 smash was a favorite of his. Apparently, J-Kwon thinks anyone mentioning his name needs to pay up, as evidenced in his new track “Pushing The Odds” which finds him responding to disses from Pusha T and Odd Future.

To be fair, J-Kwon doesn’t embarrass himself although the venom seems a bit misplaced. Opening up the song using a rhyme scheme that would make Eminem proud, Push A Ton gets hit with shrapnel from the opening bars.

“Hi kids, I see these wack rappers like violence/Braids on his head, he did exactly as I did,” raps J-Kwon, who then doubles up the flow talking up his STL roots.

Kwon also makes mention of the rumors that swirled regarding his disappearance and takes a dig at Pusha being 35. The Virginia rapper drew first blood in his Wrath Of Caine track, “Only You Can Tell It,” with the line, “I’m grindin’, n-gga you J Kwon.”

Odd Future has a penchant for angering rappers, especially the brash Tyler, The Creator. On the posse cut, “Rella,” Tyler spit the line, “I bet you got some J-Kwon, you ain’t got no f-ckin’ Yeezy?” The response wasn’t especially scathing, but we’ll let you all be the judge of that.

Check out “Pushing The Odds” below. Let us know in the comments what you thought and if J-Kwon made a mark in his return.

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