Mac Miller Explains Turtle Symbolism In Watching Movies With The Sound Off Film [VIDEO]


Mac Miller is an eclectic spirit to say the least. A day before releasing Watching Movies With The Sound Off, in stores today, the Macadelic rapper streamed his sophomore effort with an accompanying film that follows the life of a sea turtle.

Some would call this kindred audio and visual compilation the result of a night full of festive Mary Jane use, but to Miller it has a deeper meaning.

“It just went so perfectly with the album. It can mean a lot of different things,” the Pittsburgh native said. “To me I see myself as that turtle, but I would hope that everyone watching would see themselves like that turtle; like really identify with that turtle.”

Those who have seen the tale of the reptile know he experienced a hell of a journey. So in that regard, we should all be able to relate to Mac and the turtle.

Watching Movies With The Sound Off can be purchased via iTunes. Check out the exclusive interview with Hip-Hop Wired below to hear him speak on the controversial cover artwork, why there are layers to his latest release, and more.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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