“When you love someone, you let them step on you in a way you wouldn’t let anyone else step on you.”

While some artists flood the Internet with an endless stream of music and exclusives, some are more strategic with building their momentum and make sure that every drop is something special and is material that will always be in high demand.

The true relevancy of an artist is not determined by how much an artist lets out, but more of the consistency of the fan base wanting more even when they are away.

Since The Warm Up, J. Cole hasn’t dropped a slew of new material outside of “Unabomber” along with his feature on “Just Begun” and “Playground” which didn’t make the cut for the mixtape that dropped back in June.

Quietly in the lab banging out material, Cole has given more hope of him coming with the announcement of “Too Much” being a track coming for his debut album.

Known for his spinning tales welling with emotions, Cole states that the song focuses on love and how it can be too much to the point where one person may allow their significant other to take control of his/her life.

During an interview with Yahoo! Music, the Roc Nation representative spoke on the track and the layers within it.

“It’s basically a song about when certain people love people too much.  Sometimes you love someone to a fault, like you love someone so much that you let them take advantage of you.  On all levels.  Whether its husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother and son, friends.  You know how it is, it’s life.”


Check the videos to here Cole speak more on the album and using “Flavor Of Love” as inspiration for the song “Lights Please”.

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