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“How Low”

Now there are certain moments in life where a person’s choice of actions must be questioned, no matter what type of fame they have accrued while in the public eye.

Under the chopping block today will be Chicago rapper Twista, who made a dedication record to those in Haiti.

For the past week, the rapper has been dropping freestyles on a daily and here is the one for Wednesday.

Courtesy of, the leak of the song came with a message that was apparently from the rapper, unless I’m suffering a momentary blindness.

“I dedicate this freestyle to the people of Haiti. People let’s unite and help those people in need. Everybody who downloads this freestyle all I ask is that you forward this message.” Twista

Now there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to those in need, but of all the songs to use, why would it be this one?  And to top it all off, there wasn’t even mention of anything that had to do with Haiti.  This was a great opportunity to at least bring awareness through music.  Life is a chess game and Twista might have put himself into check.