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Remember when T.I. and Lil Flip reportedly exchanged blows in Houston? Or, when Gunplay got grown man hands put on him by some G-Unit soldiers at the BET Awards? What about that time Raekwon’s goons caught Joe Budden slippin’ and made him pay for talking out the side of his mouth?Sometimes, disputes get to a point where the talking and dis raps are over and passing out eye jammies is the only means of communication.

Just ask the casts of Love & Hip Hop. There are several rap cats, today, that have scores to settle, and for one reason or another, the dis songs, malicious tweets, and verbal threats just aren’t cutting it. There’s no need to take it to gun violence, but sometimes a good ol’ fashion bare knuckle azz whooping is the world’s best teacher of life lessons.

We here at Hip-Hop Wired are advocates of peace, but…here are 10 rappers who should let their knuckles do the talking, then just be friends or never mention each other’s names again.

Photo: BET

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