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All Foxy Brown wanted to do was debut her new single, but fate had a more sinister plan. The Ill Na Na was on stage in NYC and took a wince inducing tumble while she performed “Bandz Up.”

Fox Boogie was performing at El Morocco on Friday (June 28) night at part of Gay Pride Week kick off party. Clearly being excited at the crowd’s raucous reception to her introduction, Foxy started performing a new single called “Bandz Up.” She then gets the crown amped with just the song’s intro but at the 1:53 mark in the video below, out of nowhere she takes a nasty spill. The stunned crowd watched as Fox was helped off stage (she can be seen limping).

We sincerely hope she is alright. At this time, we’ll also refrain from commenting on Foxy Brown’s choice in attire that night. When it all falls down?

UPDATE: Fox did finish her set. It seems like she fell because the floor was wet. Peep the full vid on the next page.

Photo: YouTube

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