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Award shows mean red carpets, which mean beautiful people and gorgeous outfits. It also means there will be those who show out in the worst possible way via struggle outfits and bad taste. Last night’s BET Awards were no different. 

There were some definitive wins on the red carpet last night. Meaghan Good may have had some ladies sucking their teeth, but about 97.5% of men approved of her revealing attire. Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long and Paula Patton also stood out. But to be fair, they would probably get noticed rocking sweats and tees.

As for the fashion fails, they were plentiful. Whoever Ne-Yo and French Montana are paying to dress them are world class thieves. We’re also going to go out on the limb and guess that Trinided Jame$ chooses his own attire for these events. Which is unfortunate.

Check out the best and worse dressed at the BET Awards 2013 in the following pages.


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