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George Zimmerman did not sustain life-threatening injuries. A medical professional testified Wednesday (July 3) that the accused killer’s wounds were not conducive to his recount of the night Trayvon Martin was gunned down.

Dr. Valerie Rao took the stand Tuesday (July 2) discrediting Zimmerman’s claims that Martin slammed his head on the concrete during their altercation. “To me, the word ‘slam’ implies great force,” Rao explained. “And this, the resultant injuries, are not great force.”

Defense attorney Mike O’Mara questioned Rao’s conclusion asking of a second injury,”Could that have been life-threatening?” O’Mara inquiry was objected by prosecutors.

Rao’s expertise directly conflicts with Zimmerman’s self-defense claim. The 29-year-old told authorities that he was not actually following Martin, but fulfilling his neighborhood watch allegations. Jurors got to hear Zimmerman’s recollection of the alleged brawl he had with the teen. In the footage, he described the slain youngster as physically attacking him, which led to the shooting.

Zimmerman is not expected to take the stand, but the recording played in court remains consistent of what he’s said happened on Feb. 26, however how accurate his words are remains to be seen. In his first television interview, Zimmerman told Fox News that he knew nothing of Florida’s “stand your ground” law which was touted as his defense for carrying and using a firearm on Martin. Earlier today, Zimmerman’s former professors testified that the law was a topic covered in class. He passed the course with an A grade.

The second-degree murder trial is expected to go on for another two weeks. Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton will take the stand.


Photo: AP