You think you know Rich Homie Quan. You’ve heard a track or two, now you think he’s Future or Cash Out revamped, right? Here’s the thing: the 23-year-old rapper is not Future. He’s not Cash Out either, although the East Atlanta native grew up just a couple of highway exits away from both artists.

“My perspective on that is: Every artist is compared to someone despite whether you want that to be the case or not,” Quan tells Hip-Hop Wired. The TIG signee doesn’t use AutoTune — the tone fans hear on ‘’Differences” or his breakout hit “Type of Way” is actually his natural voice. Recently, the rapper proved it by breaking out in song mid-interview. Seriously. The comparisons to a couple of fellow Atlantans may seem accurate after a first listen, but there are some distinctions that should be noted. At TIG’s official studio just beyond the Atlanta skyline, Quan set out to share the most telling difference — his rhymes simply aren’t the same.

“I was in my jail cell critiquing my craft every night. I knew I was getting better so I just started rapping in jail.” 

But then it’s not enough to just make that statement — maybe some background info would help. His upbringing was solidified by the presence of a doting mother and father who the young artist credits every few moments during our talk. “They still look at me like ‘Baby Quan,’” he shares, smiling, “They always just tell me to remain humble and thank God everyday. That’s really how my mom is. I talk to my mom and my father everyday. We’re very close.” In fact, Quan’s parents accompanied him on a recent press run all over New York City from Sirius Satellite Radio to Power 105.



Photo: TIG

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