Beyoncé and her human fans seems to get along very well, but the jury is out on the type of fans that blow air. Last night in Montreal, the R&B and Pop diva’s hair got caught in a stage fan while she was performing. No worries, though. She kept singing and might have even written a song about it. 

TMZ reports:

Beyonce was caught in a real-life EMERGENCY on stage at her concert last night when her hair got tangled up in a stage fan — and the crew scrambled to free the singer, MID-SONG!!!!!

Queen B was performing “Halo” in Montreal when disaster struck … but like the PRO that she is, Beyonce continued to sing during the incident, NEVER ONCE MISSING A SINGLE BEAT. 

Eventually, a crew member with a pair of scissors cut Beyonce free … and she sashayed away from the devil equipment. 

After the show, Beyonce posted a poetic note to her fans explaining the situation … saying, “I got snatched.”

In the end, Beyonce kept her composure throughout the entire ordeal … and she just might be the toughest performer on the planet. 

Now that is what you call a professional performer. Beyoncé then took to Instagram and shared a photo (see next page) that included lyrics like “I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiiiin.”

This past weekend, Bey and her hubby Jay-Z attended a rally for the late Trayvon Martin in NYC.

Watch the fan and hair malfunction in the video below.

Photo: Instagram

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