Vincent M. Richardson will let nothing stop him from pretending to be a cop. The 19-year-old was arrested in Chicago Tuesday (July 23) for posing as an Englewood District police officer, which is the second time he’s been busted for the offense. 

Richardson was charged with a single felony count of  false personation of a peace officer. He was  released on bond and outfitted with an ankle monitor a day later, police said.

Leading up to his arrest, the teen walked into VCG Uniform store requesting a short-sleeved shirt. The employee asked if Richardson was on the police force, and he said yes. Still suspicious, the worker Googled his name, and phoned authorities.

The first time he pulled the identity shift was at the tender age of 14. In 2009, the youngster pegged the “kid cop,” completely infiltrated the department. Richardson showed up to a Chicago police station in uniform. He even worked a five-hour ride-along shift, got a police radio, a ticket book, and helped an officer make an arrest before anyone noticed. It wasn’t until after Richardson was questioned by an actual police officer that  he was arrested.

Back then, Richardson had just completed a program shadowing cops, which is how he the learned policy and procedures that helped him go undetected for much of the work day. This time around, Richardson will of course be charged as an adult.

He also has a growing criminal record which includes charges  for pretending to be a businessman in a credit car scam, and weapons possession.

Photo: NBC Chicago

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