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Aswad Ayinde, an award-winning video director who worked with the Fugees, was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2010 for molesting one of his daughters and impregnating her when she became a teenager. Ayinde was slammed with an additional 50 year sentence last week, and was confronted in court by his now-adult daughter.

According to a report from, Ayinde’s daughter, now 35, spoke to her father during the sentencing last Friday (July 29). Ayinde fathered four children with his daughter, according to court documents, and the 54-year-old man was ordered to stand as he was confronted by his victim.

“I can’t describe how much you hurt me and my sisters,” said the daughter, who was also accompanied by her sisters who sat in the stands. Ayinde responded angrily, “You should’ve told the truth instead of lying” which got the attention of the judge who admonished him. Superior Court Judge Raymond Reddin said he sided with the testimony of the daughter and the conviction of the 12 jurors.

With his head bowed and attempting to hide his face with court documents, Ayinde avoided eye contact with his family. The daughter said she forgave her father, although it appears the grace isn’t being reciprocated. “But obviously, with your head down like that, you do not understand,” said the daughter.

The case made national headlines in 2006, this after Ayinde was discovered by his daughters to have fathered children with other women. Fancying himself a prophet who wanted to created a family with his “pure blood line,” he molested five of his seven daughters and fathered six children. The daughter who spoke in court said that two of her four children were born with genetic defects, and she suspects the incest was the reason for the illnesses. A nine-year-old daughter died in 2010.

Judge Reddin was clear in his disdain for Ayinde in closing statements. “By 13, most fathers are taking their daughters to the park , teaching them to ride a bike,” the judge said. “You took her in the bedroom and repeatedly raped her to complete your disgusting, revolting fantasies.”

Ayinde faces three more trials regarding the crimes against his daughters. Photos of Ayinde in court in the gallery.

Photo:, Carmine Galasso, New York Daily News

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