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“I didn’t wanna be waiting.  I wanted people to hear what I had.”

History with Warren G has shown the rapper working with artists such as Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg and he was even a factor in linking Snoop with his brother Dr. Dre back then when The Chronic firs came.

Although keeping himself closely associated with acts such as Snoop, Dre, 2Pac, Kurupt and others, it’s somewhat off that the Regulator was actually never signed over to Death Row Records.

Warren G was actually able to keep it simple with the reasoning behind not joining forces with Dre and Suge Knight.  The rapper stated that his main reason was the fact that he would have to wait entirely too long in order to have his project pushed.

With The Chronic already in heavy rotation, Snoop was next to bat and there were entirely too many other acts in the stable which could have hindered G’s window of opportunity.

Along with being on the waiting list, a push from his brother made him be aware of the fact that he had to do things on his own and create his own name by himself instead of following in the shadows of others.

To this day, outside of The Chronic, there are not any records with Warren G and Dr. Dre.

During an interview with Hard Knock TV, the West Coast rapper spoke more on his experience at Death Row and was seemingly overlooked.

“I had a lot of fun with Death Row, but like I said, I was hurt.  Everybody got a Death Row jacket, but I didn’t get sh&t.  That Shyte hurt.  I just said I gotta do my thing and Dre was like you gotta be your own man so that hurt me too cause ni&*a I’m tryna be with you.”

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