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Dr. Dre's Lawyer Says That Disney Wanted To Sign Him Based On The Success of 'The Chronic' But Changed Course After Reviewing the Lyrics

According to a statement delivered by Dr. Dre's attorney, the newly minted owner of the famed record label does not have ownership of the 1992 classic.

As one of the most noted curator’s the 1980’s and 1990’s west coast Hip-Hop sound Dr. Dre’s touch is timeless. One his most critically acclaimed efforts will be formally preserved by the government.

Producer and business mogul Dr. Dre helped changed the landscape of Hip-Hop 25 years ago today with the debut of his solo album, The Chronic. Not only did the album helped bring the sub-genre of G-Funk to the masses, it helped to give a bigger platform for future stars such as Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Lady […]

Dr. Dre may have lost a lawsuit against Death Row Records last year, but he’s since emerged the victor by regaining 100 percent of the proceeds from online sales for his classic debut, The Chronic.

Timbaland holds the rare distinction among musicians as not only being able to find steady production placements but to cash in big on them as well.

Last week, Twitter and the rest of the Internets were abuzz when Snoop Lion’s (formerly Dogg) 18-year-old son Corde “Spanky Danky” Broadus posted a photo of him and his famous father toking on some sticky green. Causing a firestorm of comments from the blogosphere and beyond, the images shocked some who thought the legendary West Coast […]

Doggisodes Ep. 13 – Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre Take Over The MNET Asian Music Awards in Singapore   In this behind-the-scenes look at Snoop and Dre’s travels throughout Singapore, we see two legendary artists that still genuinely love what they do.  Although Snoop’s recently experienced some difficulties with overseas travel, this trip to Singapore […]

Rapper Dr. Dre’s case against his former record label has been thrown out by a California judge. In February, Dr. Dre sued WIDEawake Death Row Records (previously known as Death Row Records) for putting out a new version of his classic album “The Chronic.” Dre felt the album violated his rights of trademark and publicity. […]

Fourteen years after leaving the label he once called home, Dr. Dre is taking Deathrow Records to court. Dr.Dre, real name Andre Young, is suing Death Row now owned by WIDEawake Entertainment, over royalties. Dre filed the lawsuit Thursday in a Los Angeles court room and claims that the label owes him for

“I didn’t wanna be waiting.  I wanted people to hear what I had.” History with Warren G has shown the rapper working with artists such as Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg and he was even a factor in linking Snoop with his brother Dr. Dre back then when The Chronic firs came. Although keeping himself […]