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We’re used to 2 Chainz being a fixture in news because of the hits he’s created, but such hasn’t been the case on the road to releasing B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. Rather, the Def Jam rapper’s recent run-ins with the law have overshadowed his bevy of features and single.

The Hair Weave Killer briefly spoke on his recent drug arrest stemming from a tour bus search in Oklahoma City in an interview with Nitecap‘s Peter Bailey.

Declining to implicate himself or others, Chainz said, “It [arrests] takes up a lot of time and money from taxpayers who are actually entertainers.” He continued, “Especially like the last time when nothing was on the bus, nothing was done.”

Chainz expressed his desire to solely entertain, but he understands where he went wrong in the past and hopes to amend those situations.

“For me, I definitely try to learn from my mistakes,” he said. “And I try to make my current situation better than my previous one. No matter if my previous one was a good situation, I want to make this one better than the last one.”

See 2 Chainz’s full discussion with Peter Bailey below.

Photo: YouTube