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Lovers of classic ’80s cinema will enjoy the first trailer for the reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi film Robocop. Set to release February 7 of next year, expect aspects of this José Padilha-directed film to greatly differ from the original story line.

Joel Kinnaman stars as the title character while Michael Keaton appears as corporate villain Raymond Sellars, Gary Oldman plays the eccentric scientist Dr. Dennett Norton and Samuel L Jackson sports a perm as media mogul Pat Novak.

Based in 2028 Detroit, the movie centers around Alex Murphy who is mechanically reconstructed by OmniCorp after being critically injured in a near-death experience. The tale weaves in the conversation surrounding the United States’ use of drones.

You won’t have an opportunity to see Robocop until 2014, but feel free to check out the trailer below in the mean time.

Photo: YouTube