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If you contributed to George Zimmerman‘s legal defense fund, you’re getting swindled. Reportedly Zimmerman’s soon to b ex-wife is receiving $4,300 a month in living expenses out of the funds that were raised for her hubby’s defense. Mind you, Trayvon Martin’s murderer was acquitted two months ago. 

Reports TMZ:

According to divorce docs that will soon be filed by Shellie Zimmerman, she claims she’s getting $4,300 a month in living expenses from the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. The couple separated August 13th.

According to the solicitation on PayPal … the fund is to be used “for George Zimmerman’s ongoing living expenses, legal costs, and fees for this matter.”

Now it gets a little more complicated. George Zimmerman’s official legal defense website says, “Currently George and Shellie are renting a secure residence at a reasonable rate. Their day-to-day living expenses are relatively modest as they want to preserve as many funds as possible for an aggressive defense.”

Last we checked Shellie Zimmerman isn’t a lawyer. That means she is theoretically making a cool $51,600 a year just for being George Zimmerman’s ex-wife. Nice gig.

Only in America.

Photo: Reuters