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Wow, that was fast. A day after Noisey announced plans to bring back “Back and Forth” with a new trailer, they return with the first episode featuring RiFF RaFF.

The extra animated rhymer sat down with the series’ new host A$AP Rocky to discuss a bevy of random topics, including who he is, his preference in women, his favorite kind of purple drank, and more.

“I’m still figuring out myself really, to be honest with you,” said RiFF RaFF when asked to describe himself. And that’s very interesting, because his colorful persona has garnered him a certain image in the public’s eye.

Since both artists are characters, they also entertained potentially touring together. However, A$AP’s random outbursts of laughter say he may have been joking or at the very least, entertained.

See part one of the RiFF RaFF interview below.

Photo: YouTube