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While he has made some steps towards humility, it’s apparently still me against the world season for Chris Brown. Even though he has a storied history of giving us douche chills, the 24-year-old singer is wondering why he is still has a bullseye on him in the media when reformed drug dealer turned mogul Jay-Z gets a pass. Maybe another round of anger management classes is soon in order?

Nevertheless most, if not all, of the build up to his mired public image has been his fault. From the mismanagement of his anger to a very reckless Twitter account, Brown has gotten his hands dirty in a wide manner of ways.

In the following pages you’ll find the top 10 incidents where Chris Brown brought the slander to his own font door.

Let us know which was your least favorite Breezy event even though we have a sinking feeling what your choice will be.

Photo: TMZ, BET, Twitter

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