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On Sunday (Sept. 29), a man celebrating his wedding anniversary was savagely beaten and slashed in front of his family by an angry mob of bikers in New York after allegedly hitting one of the cyclists. A video of the brutal assault has already gone viral, and new details about the case have begun to emerge.

The New York Daily News unveiled more of what transpired between 33-year-old Alexian Lien, who was driving a Range Rover with his wife and toddler, and the mob of motorcyclists. After a biker cut off Lien’s truck on the Henry Hudson Parkway–causing him to strike the person–Lien then sped off and hit more bikers, reportedly breaking the legs of one biker which led to a highway chase.

From The New York Daily News:

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said up to 30 motorcyclists — many on sport and dirt bikes — finally caught up to Lien when he exited the parkway in Washington Heights and got stuck at a red light.

Startling video taken by a biker with a helmet cam shows one of the moto-psychos bashing in the driver’s-side window of the black Range Rover with a helmet and another pounding on the rear window, where Lien’s daughter was in a car seat.

“He’s taken out of the car. He is assaulted,” Kelly said.

Lien, director of the e-commerce firm, was punched and slashed in the face with a knife in the shocking attack that occurred in daylight hours in front of horrified witnesses.

Christopher Cruz, 28, was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless menacing and endangering the welfare of a child and thus far his was the only arrest made public. Lien was not charged in the case and isn’t expected to be.

The bikers were part of a group called Hollywood Stuntz, who all hoped to flood Times Square with their motorcycles. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said his department was prepared for the group, yielding 15 arrests, confiscating 55 motorbikes and issuing 68 summonses all unrelated to the Lien assault.

Lien’s condition is currently unknown but he did receive stitches and treatment for his wounds at the Columbia University Hospital Center. 26-year-old Jeremiah Mieses was the man Lien struck and injured as he attempted to flee from the bikers.

Watch video of the chase and assault in the clip below. A warning: the video is shocking. Check the following pages to see photos of the chase and assault.

Photos: Facebook, New York Daily News, LiveLeak

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