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It’s not the holidays until you start receiving custom-made coal in your stocking from the Louis Vuitton Don.

Ever the narcissistic rap icon, Kanye West is more than just the man who shocked actor Michael Myers with his Katrina commentary and wore a leather kilt. The “Through The Wire” lyricist has achieved national and international infamy by crushing charts and blurring lines all throughout Hip-Hop’s storied coloring book.

As critics and pundits continue to debate the impact of the gift of his genre-bending effort, Yeezus, the holidays are quickly approaching. The Roc-a-Fella artist hasn’t exactly been a jolly St. Nick this year, as he’s quickly distinguished himself as a venerable Scrooge (or scourge) on all things that go against the culture.

Whether he’s found himself putting the paws on the paparazzi, claiming credit for a not-so-appreciated fashion trend, or just being passive-aggressive towards his musical competition — Kanye West’s outlook on life isn’t always full of Yuletide cheer.

With December 25th two months away, we humorously take a look at 10 People Kanye West Won’t Send Christmas Cards To.

Photo: Vulture

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