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The jig is up for Kwame Kilpatrick. Today (Oct. 10), the former Detroit Mayor was sentenced to 28 years in prison for corruption, including raiding his campaign funds for personal use, extortion and bribery.

Reports The Griot:

Kilpatrick, who served as mayor from 2002 until fall 2008, fattened his bank account by tens of thousands of dollars, traveled the country in private planes and even strong-armed his campaign fundraiser for stacks of cash hidden in her bra, according to evidence at trial.

“I’m ready to go so the city can move on,” Kilpatrick told the judge. “The people here are suffering, they’re hurting. A great deal of that hurt I accept responsibility for.”

In March, Kilpatrick, 43, was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, fraud, extortion and tax crimes. The government called it the “Kilpatrick enterprise,” a yearslong scheme to shake down contractors and reward allies. He was doomed by his own text messages, which revealed efforts to fix deals for a pal, Bobby Ferguson, an excavator who got millions of dollars in city work through the water department.

Contractors said they were forced to take on Ferguson as a partner or risk losing lucrative deals. The government alleged that he in turn shared cash with Kilpatrick.

Agents who pored over bank accounts and credit cards said Kilpatrick spent $840,000 beyond his salary during his time as mayor. Defense attorneys tried to portray the money as generous gifts from political supporters who opened their wallets for birthdays or holidays.

Kilpatrick resigned as Mayor of Detroit, which recently filed for bankruptcy, back in 2008. Originally convicted of corruption in March 2013, he was denied bond and has been in jail since.

Once, due to his youth and swagger, Kilpatrick was known as the “Hip-Hop mayor.” That won’t be necessary anymore.

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