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U-God is not happy with his label, Soul Temple Records. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper feels the label dropped the ball on his latest release, The Keynote Speaker. But him and RZA are still cool, though. 

“My label is f-cking me up right now. I don’t give a f-ck what nobody say,” Golden Arms told Hip-Hop Wired. ” Them ni–a f-cking my sh-t up. A lot of people don’t understand when labels get their music, a dude can be working on his music for two years and  then you give to these motherf-ckers and these motherf-ckers will f-k your sh-t up in five minutes flat. I’m not used to that sh-t. I’m a street motherf-cker man. A ni–a f-ck my sh-t I’m [ready] to punch him in his f-cking face.  I can’t do that, in this game.”

Someone at the label doesn’t have to worry about an imminent fade, though. Instead Baby U is focusing that anger on new music. Also, he insists it doesn’t mean there are any hard feelings between him and Soul Temple’s owner, RZA. Despite former incidences of U-God suing RZA, the former insists it was the media blowing up what are normal business practices into talk of a feud or turmoil between the two friends.

“My relationship with RZA is this, the media f-cks the sh-t up,” said U-God. “You cannot handle business in this game like, ‘You my man, change this for me.’ It doesn’t work like that in this game. You gotta go and change words on paper. Then if you  go do that, all of a sudden you hear the media, ‘Oh he’s doing this. He’s suing this person.’ Wow dog, are y’all serious. Y’all ni–as blow it up like that?!”

The “Black Shampoo” rapper adds, “I ain’t going to let no money come between my brothers. l love that ni–a to d the f-cking death, it just is what it is. Business and love, you gotta know how to separate the sh-t. Sometimes I might not agree with certain things, he might not agree, so we gotta handle it how we gonna handle it. We grown ass men.”

Check out U-God airing out his grievances in the video below.

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