U-God is giving Wu fans the real on what has caused their internal problems throughout the years. His new book cites poor leadership and greed as the main two factors.

With Martin Shkreli being forced to relinquish his assets we just might to hear Once A Upon Time In Shaolin. U-God confirms that Cher is one of the featured guests.

U-God called his lawyers, again. The Staten Island rapper is suing the Wu-Tang Clan for millions of dollars he believes he is old for royalties and merchandise sales. 

At the time Wu-Tang Clan first appeared on the national stage, it was thanks to a hit 12″ single titled “Protect Ya Neck”/“Method Man”, released by Loud Records. The year before the group independently released “Protect Ya Neck” with a different B-side (“After The Laughter Comes Tears”) which built up enough of a buzz on […]

When it comes to street credibility in Hip-Hop, whatever that really means, the Wu-Tang Clan’s is irrefutable. Nevertheless, U-God shows plenty of love for artists who aren’t worried about trying to be hood, in particularly YMCMB’s Drake.

U-God is not happy with his label, Soul Temple Records. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper feels the label dropped the ball on his latest release, The Keynote Speaker. But him and RZA are still cool, though. 

Drake trolled just about everyone when a song called “Wu-Tang Forever” from his forthcoming new album, Nothing Was The Same, leaked onto the Internets. Considering the Wu is known for gritty raps, Drizzy’s love rhyme ditty didn’t correlate to what just about everyone expected thanks to its title. However, according to U-God, members of the […]

The legendary Wu-Tang Clan has endured a lot in their 20-year existence, from crew infighting and the loss of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. However, a new legal battle brewing between U-God and a fellow swordsman has been sparked by separate representatives for the artists over the reportedly unauthorized release of a song featuring GZA.

We’ve reached the end of July and August is just under way. The Summer is coming to an end but it doesn’t stop the new wave of hot underground & independent Hip-Hop albums from dropping at a high rate. The frequency with which more and more potential Album Of The Year contenders cross my desk […]

U-God releases the video for his latest single, “Fame,” off of his latest album, The Keynote Speaker.

U-God, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, is back with a visual for his single “Skyscraper” off of his new album The Keynote Speaker.

U-God has enjoyed a long career as part of the Wu-Tang Clan, now celebrating 20 years in the game. With that longevity, Golden Arms has the resume to speak on the stars of today as he’s set to release his fourth solo album Tuesday (July 23). The Staten Island native talked the new record, the […]