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With Martin Shkreli being forced to relinquish his assets we just might to hear Once A Upon Time In Shaolin. U-God confirms that Cher is one of the featured guests.

In 2015 the album went on auction landing in the hands of the infamous pharmaceutical dweeb for a cool $2 million. Now that the government is forcing his hand to make good on debts owed the project is top of mind for Clan fans everywhere.

TMZ caught up with U-God and got him to comment on the status of the work. “I hope the feds want to give us back our record, That would be kind if cool I could get my record back so it could go out there and generate some sales for my family. Or they could keep it in a museum and we can share proceeds or something.”

In terms of the content he revealed that the pop singer did make the final cut. “Me and Redman got a song with Cher on there. That’s all I can tell you about the album” he added.

Golden Arms also states that he has yet to be paid for his work on Shaolin which points to lingering rumor about ongoing internal problems within the group about unpaid royalties, etc.

In 2014 Forbes Magazine visited Marrakech where producer Cilvaringz played them some audio. If you fast forward to the 7:40 mark you can hear of snippet of the song featuring Cher.

You can view the full U-God interview below.

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