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Hip-Hop has always been an accommodating and embracing culture. Lately, it seems like white women have been taking advantage of this trait, staking claims in the game and sparking debates about the motives behind they forays into the rap world. Miley Cyrus was no where near the beginning folks, this has been an ongoing trend.

Most of these ladies earned their respective co-signs because it was a means to a check, not because they were kindred B-girl spirits. Danny Brown is one of the few rappers to go on record and speak candidly about the white girl elephant in the room, and the authenticity of their artist supporters.

Now we’re not trying to say all white girls are invaders and exploiters of Hip-Hop culture. However, the women we assembled here have taken advantage of their perch in society and profited off of the rap game to varying degrees of let’s say “appropriateness.” Check out rap’s most notorious white girls in the following pages.

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