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Raekwon is continuing to make his rounds in the media not limited to the realms of Hip-Hop. The other day, he and Cuban Linx co-star, Ghostface Killah played trivia with Regis Philbin on Fox Sports and later that evening, he had his first dine-in experience with sushi.

The veteran rapper may go by the pseudonym “The Chef,” but everyone knows there isn’t any serious cooking involved with the preparation of the dish.

After the show, Rae and his cohorts visited Sen NYC in the Flatiron District of the city and the Wu-Tang Clan rapper apparently was sold the moment he walked in the building. The Wu-Tang Clan legend spoke exclusively to Hip-Hop Wired about his introduction with the luxurious dish.

“Fine cuisine, I give it six stars. And that was really my first time ever eating sushi,” explained Rae to Hip-Hop Wired. Which says a lot for first impressions, especially when dealing with matters of the stomach. But how does a well-traveled rap star go for so long without coming into contact with something as ubiquitous as sushi?

“It was just a nervousness of trying it at first. It was just sometime I wasn’t into because of the look,” The Chef explained with a hearty laugh. “But it’s good for your body, y’know? At first I thought it was just all about the taste and the presentation but it’s good and I was blown away. Who would have ever thought The Chef would be eating seaweed?”

It was an impromptu decision after the Regis taping that brought the H20 crew to the restaurant, which Rae had memories of in another lifetime. “When I walked in there, I didn’t even realize it from the outside, but it was the old Cheetah club!!! “The staff was mad cool and outside of being experts on what they were doing, they were fans too.”

“I recommend that spot [Sen NYC] to anyone that’s in the area,” Rae concluded, with a hint of triumph in his voice.

After the twenty years of convincing audiences through his classic poetry, it’s safe to say that a recommendation from Raekwon is worth checking out.

Photo: Sen NYC

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