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Kanye West‘s Yeezus tour is in full swing and now you can be a part of action without actually attending. The controversial, Wes Lang illustrated and Yeezy-designed tour merchandise is now available online. 

A number of the tees for men and women are being sold via PacSun. There are three designs total distributed between six styles that are split between the sexes including the “Reaper Roses,”Reaper Skull” and “Prayer” tees. All the shirts will cost you $40 and are also available at Pac Sun stores. However, these where we must point out the audacity selling the women’s “crop” tees for the same price as normal men’s tees.

Also, you’re going to come up short if you’re looking for the designs that incorporate the Confederate flag. Those, along with the tote bags, are nowhere to be found on the store site and for now seem to be Yeezus tour exclusives.

Check out images of all the Yeezyus tour merchandise for sale in the gallery.

Photos: Pac Sun

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