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Mobb Deep affiliate and QB soldier Big Twinz, formerly Twin Gambino, has one of the grimiest voices to hit the booth. Twinz, and his grimy outlook is present in his zany new video-slash-movie, “Thats Paper” shot directly in the heart of the Queensbridge Houses projects.

Billed as part of Big Twinz’s ongoing movie series, The Infamous QB – The Movie, the video serves as part five of the ongoing, multi-part documentary. “Thats Paper” also had a spot Twinz’s The Infamous QB – On The Grill album, which is similar to the video series, earlier this summer.

The video, directed by J.G. Briggs for Frak’Vision, starts with  a reel of candid photos from Twinz’s early days in the hood. Then, the shot shows the gravel-voiced rapper in an earlier video/film segment and showcases the his playful side as he roughhouses with his family within an apartment in the Queensbridge housing complex.

Words can’t explain how delightfully hood the video is. And if you’ve been a fan of Twinz during his time with the Infamous Mobb rap crew (not to be confused with Mobb Deep), or his many tracks alongside The Alchemist, then you know his brand of bars is straight New York gutter.

Check out “Thats Paper” in the clip below. We claim no responsibility for culture shock.

Photo: YouTube