Harlem based rapper Juelz Santana has slowly been on the come up and making himself more visible in Hip Hop as he begins his climb back into the limelight.

Releasing “Back To The Crib” featuring Chris Brown, “Mixin Up The Medicine” with Yelawolf and the recent track “Home Run” featuring Lil Wayne have all been steps to take as the rapper is gearing up for the release of his mixtape The Reagan Era, which is set to drop now on Valentine’s Day.

Although originally scheduled to drop back on New Year’s Day, let’s hope that this new release date will stick better and actually find the tape dropping as planned.

While talking with DJ Kay Slay during Best of Both Offices, Santana spoke on his particular hustle and finding the way to build momentum by his own means.

“Like sometimes, the label thinks the artists gotta do everything so you know like I say, I come from that groundwork, doing the mixtapes, getting our exposure and the Internet wasn’t even half as big as it is today to where I can do the free promotion, videos.

“So now it’s even funnier for me to lay the groundwork because you’ll be in the studio, freestyles, shoot videos, put em out and the whole world sees them the next day so I’m in six gears, I tell n*ggas. I’m only in second — I’m just gearing up to get people used to seeing Juelz Santana just in case they forgot.”

The recent release of “Home Run”, which also has a visual waiting to be dropped, marked the second stage of what Juelz plans to bring as he continues his return.

“I just switched over to second, the release of the Wayne song and my mixtape will be out the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. I’m giving y’all that because I love y’all so much. All free. It’s all about getting them to come back used to me, I got a plan.”

Also, expect to see the leader of the Skull Gang teaming up with a member of G Unit as Lloyd Banks has stated that his first single off his upcoming third album will feature Santana.  The track is reported to be titled “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”.

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