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The new gods of Hip-Hop have certainly reaped the benefits of the work of these talented groups have done. But, with music being consumed at an all-time high (thank you Yeezus), we stop the clock in hopes that these past-and-present greats can return to center stage for all of us to see!

Millions upon millions of dollars are given to talented (and not so talented) acts to hop on the road and tour the globe. Usually, we’re blessed to see a couple of true favorites get their bars off in public for free (see: Brooklyn’s annual Hip-Hop Festival). While there are quite a few who are apt to say that they’ll never hit the road together, we’re more positive in believing that the roads will be flooding with the sounds of good acts for years to come.

Besides, never is such a strong word, you can never doubt seeing A Tribe Called Quest or Bone Thugs -N- Harmony wanting to pack out venues.

So, since you never know what the future holds, we’ve compiled a list of 15 Hip-Hop Reunions We’d Love To See.

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We jump things off with that ill crew from New York, led by the incomparable Kool Moe Dee:

The Treacherous Three

Hip-hop heads may have slept on their initial reunion back in 1993-94, but we would love for the Bronx, New York collective to return to show these young gunners how to rhyme on time.

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