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Young Buck continues his assault on 50 Cent and G-Unit and this time and went on a verbal tirade against his nemesis during a concert over the weekend in Detroit and also made point that his issues had nothing to do with Eminem.  Buck Marley told the crowd,

“I’m gone clear this Shyte up real quick because I see a lot of real ni**as in here.  I don’t Fawk with that N***a 50 Cent… For real, Fawk that ni*ga.  [But] I gotta lotta love for Eminem though, that’s my ni%ga.  Eminem don’t even agree with the bullsh#t that 50 Cent doing with me.  Don’t worry about Buck, I’m good with or without some b%tch a*s ni%ga named 50 motherFawking Cent.  I promise you that.”

Adding further insult, Buck also spoke on his old crew not being able to come to the D without paying a hefty tax.

“I’m in Detroit, I’m in Eminem’s hometown…A lot of these ni**as can’t come to Detroit, this is a no fly zone.”

Peep the video for the rest of tongue lashing below: