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The life of a struggle rapper isn’t an easy one. Their laughable bars and the questionable behavior can lead to non-stop ridicule that can cripple a career. Sadly, capable Bronx lyricist Peter Gunz has joined the struggle rapper club with his recent casting on Love & Hip Hop: New York.

In the premiere episode of the hit reality show, Gunz let viewers into his unique world as he leads a double life. Currently he lives with the mother of his two boys, Tara Wallace, but is married to his R&B artist Amina Buddafly.

Even with putting a ring on the side chick, the Internets collectively shook their head the most at the sight of his un-explainable dirty feet on the show. Now with his name officially in the mud, Peter Gunz appeared on the Sway In The Morning show to finally speak out for the first time since his Love & Hip Hop debut.

In the almost hour long interview Mr. Pankey speaks on his decisions to appear on the show, the love triangle, explains why his paws were so black and even calls up Tara live on air to apologize.

So we present the top 10 things we learned from Peter Gunz’ Sway In the Morning interview. Let us know your favorite struggle moment in the comments section.

Photos: VH1, Columbia Records

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