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If you’re looking to score a copy of the Mighty Avengers comic that features Iron Man and Eminem on the cover, make sure your money is right. The very limited edition title is already selling for hundreds of dollars at comic shops.

As previously reported, artist Salvador Larroca drew the variant cover of Mighty Avengers #3, which was released today (Nov. 6). The cover features Slim Shady and Tony Stark in full Iron Man armor seated in front of a home that looks like the one the Detroit rapper grew up on, and also happens to be featured on cover of his new album, the Marshall Mather LP 2.

Hip-Hop Wired went over to JHU Comic Books on 32nd St. in Manhattan and inquired about the comic. An employee pointed it on on the wall and said it was sale for $100. Apparently comic book shops received a grand total of one Mighty Avengers #3 variant cover issue per store. But it seems like JHU is selling the title at a nice discount, relatively. We called up Midtown Comics and a worker at their Times Square location told us they had the comic on sale for a hefty $400.

The retail price of the book? $3.99.

Check out a photo of the actual comic on the flip.

Photo: aqua

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