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Outkast fans still wondering about the reunion of the duo were greeted with news of a different sort last week after it was announced that Big Boi and his wife Sherlita Patton are divorcing. A story quickly took hold this week stating that Big Boi had naked pictures of André 3000 stored in his phone, which was later debunked.

The good folks over at The Smoking Section did the detective work to slam the quickfire nature of the Internets to spread news without checking facts. In a hilarious breakdown of how the rumors between Big Boi and Andre 3K got started, TSS listed a step-by-step chart of how a fake news site got a quick 15 minutes of fame at the expense of others.

Cream BMP posted a story on Wednesday (Nov. 6) that got picked up by several outlets which we won’t name. A quick scan of Cream BMP will clearly reveal the site specializes in news parody and that the story of quotes from a deposition wasn’t true.

From the fake deposition:

“So you mean to tell me he’s gay AND has a tiny–weird p-nis. I’ma need him to pick a struggle” – Sherlita’s Sister

Sherlita who is a big hip hop fan herself also feels for the fans who want more music saying “you might see an Outkast p*rno before you’ll see another album”

The fake news item got a lot of traction around the InterWebs at some respectable locations with folks chiming in passionately in the comments sections. Some of the outlets have since deleted their posts containing the story.

Check those sources with a fine tooth comb next time, people.

Head on over to The Smoking Section and check out how a satire website had the Web going crazy.

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