A new campaign by Realtor.com aimed at celebrating and encouraging Black homeownership made its debut with a familiar face to Hip-Hop fans - Big Boi. The television ad, "Our First Big Boi House", follows the MC as he admires the new home a young Black couple have just purchased.

  Big Boi is bringing a once in a lifetime experience to Outkast fans. He is listing The Dungeon as an Airbnb property.

The A’s Rap community continues to encourage fans and locals alike to make sure their voice is heard with this upcoming election. Big Boi has given back to city essentials workers in a thoughtful way.

Even though he is very removed from the Hip-Hop world André 3000 is still very much in high demand. He was seen out on the town and the internet was here for it.

Few former heads of state have enough influence to still be relevant years after completing their tenure. Thankfully our forever president still has the swag that charmed the nation.

Even though the Rap world could really use some verses from André 3000 he is stepping up another way. He is making some of his most moving quotables into wearables.

Outkast fans, rejoice! It appears that legendary lyricist and original ATLien Andre 3000 may be finally releasing a new album.

YesJulz invited an avalanche of slander after bigging up EarthGang, and rightfully so, but throwing Big Boi under the bus in the process. After getting corrected by the Internet for saying the Dreamville crew is like Outkast “with two Andres,” the more active half of the famed Atlanta duo brushed off the slander as cool […]

YesJulz managed to crawl out from under whatever rock she finessed from someone to give off an opinion that nobody in the free world needed or asked for. The social media influencer is now catching the wrath of Twitter after comparing EarthGang to the legendary Outkast and is getting absolutely cooked for it.

Kerry “Klassic” Abner walked into the Sony Music offices in New York City less than a year ago to pitch an idea he had as head of his consulting agency, Intecoo. “I was just explaining to them where they were missing opportunities and how my agency could help them solve those problems,” he tells Hip-Hop […]

The incoming 2019 rooking class of the NBA is packed with young talent, emphasis on the youth part as evidenced by their lack of Hip-Hop knowledge. When challenged on trying to guess the name of famed Atlanta duo Outkast, the draftees failed miserably but that’s to be expected due to age.