Hip-Hop Wired: When did you fist start loving music?

Sage The Gemini: I always had a love for music. I don’t know when it started, but as far as the production I was a beatmaker when I was 14 years old, but it started [becoming more important] when I was asking people for beats and they wouldn’t give me ’em unless I paid, or they just said no. So I ended up getting a program called Fruity Loops. My cousin, I used to always see him make beats on it, so I downloaded it and I just started making my own beats.  At first I was garbage. I was garbage as f— [laughs].

Hip-Hop Wired: How long did it take you to make a beat?

Sage The Gemini: For me to make a full beat, whether it was good or not, it took about 30 days.

Hip-Hop Wired: Did you get inspiration from other producers, or was it all you?

Sage The Gemini: It was all me but after I started making beats, the people that I started listening too was Pharrell, Iamsu!, and Timbaland.

Hip-Hop Wired: Iamsu! is featured on your “Gas Pedal” record, and you’re of course both from the Bay. How did that collaboration come about?

Sage The Gemini: My brother Smoothie Baby, I used to make beats for him. Su was supposed to do a song for him, and he came to my house so I was just like ‘I got this song, lemme see if you like it.’ I played it for him, he was like ‘Oooh!’ and he got on it.

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