Hip-Hop Wired: You’re pretty new to the game, how does it feel to have people respond well to your music?

Sage The Gemini: It feels good! It still feels like it’s not real, like ‘I’ll wake up any day now’ but I still ain’t woke up so it’s like damn, how much Nyquil did I drink! [Laughs]. I’m just like man, this is crazy. When I did the DJ Skee [show] I performed with a live band, I felt like a real artist. For the first time, it felt real.

“Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” those are was like playful songs to get people to notice me. They’re creative, ‘say anything’ type songs. I made the beats sounds tight of course, if you  make anything with a weak a– beat…I woulda still be where I started. Now people. like ‘damn who is this kid?’ Now that you guys are looking at me, I wanna show you that I can really rap. I been doing that lately and people been like “what the f— is goin on? how’d you learn to rap so fast.” I’m like ‘I knew how to rap already!”

Hip-Hop Wired: It’s good that you were smart enough to know how to get attention.

Sage The Gemini: People just worry about getting collabs, they worry about doing this and doing that…tryna take the easy way out. No! Hard work really pays off, you really gotta’ master your craft.

Hip-Hop Wired: Do you think L.A.’s “ratchet” sound is the same as the Bay’s?

Sage The Gemini: I feel as though L.A. heard our sound and felt like it was a very nice sound and [they] were like ‘Hey, let’s join [them]!’ [Laughs]. They wanted to rock wit’ us, as much as they don’t want to admit it.

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