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Of the things one would expect to see during a concert headlined by A Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West, who would think a shapely, unclothed woman would be one of them. No, we’re not referring to Yeezus’ faux-female disciples, but rather the one and only Stephanie Santiago, who appeared on stage in all her splendor covered in body paint inspired by The Low End Theory.

That alone made her the prime candidate to be our latest Bangin Candy. Still wondering why? No need. In fact, the look on ATCQ member Jarobi’s face as she passed him on stage said it all. It was sort of an, “Oh my damn! If I wasn’t a married man,” look.

Can you blame him? Santiago is as thick as air in the summertime. Even the Afrocentric matte finish wasn’t enough to conceal her, um, assets.

We imagine that show attendees near and far were also salivating over the real life “Bonita Applebum,” too. You’ll see what we’re talking about in the gallery on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram, RealTalkNY/Nigel D.

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