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Over the weekend, Questlove of The Roots was involved in a brief Twitter scuffle with former Little Brother member Phonte. After Quest joked about Phonte rejoining with Rapper Big Pooh and 9th Wonder, the North Carolina rapper reacted strongly and even threw Solange Knowles under the bus.

It all began on Saturday (Nov. 23)  when Quest took to his Twitter feed and announced the reunion of Little Brother, much to the delight of underground rap fans the world over.

“BREAKING NEWS: The #Re-EnLISTment the new album by @9thWonderMusic @phontigallo & @RapperBigPooh in the works! #LittleBrother!!!” read the first of the tweets. Quest followed with, #SeeWhatIDidThere? #effYallSquabblin #HipHopAtStake #NoRootsBeefWasEverBiggerThanTheRoots #25YearSquabblinClassics.”

After a few more enthusiastic tweets from Quest, Phonte responded coldly“N-gga stop lying” and nearly left it at that. Quest kept up the routine, which prompted the response, “I don’t know what to make of this “The Secret” meets Asperger’s sh-t @questlove is on right now, but there is no LB project. Thanks.”

The whole exchange took a left turn when Phonte hit back at Quest, saying, “Please stay out of other people’s affairs, man. You don’t see me tweetin sh-t about you and @solangeknowles do you? Chill.”

Peep the gallery to see Solange’s response and other tweets that followed, including a funny dig from producer 9th Wonder, in the gallery.

For a fun bonus, Questlove went to his OkayPlayer website and explained the story behind the tweets. Didn’t Little Brother get their start on OkayPlayer too? Interesting.

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