Coming next year, a documentary titled May The Lord Watch will tell the story of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder from their vantage point.

Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte went on social media and asked fans not to support the reissue of their first two albums, The Listening and The Minstrel Show over nonpayment of royalties they're owed by the label.

Little Brother made a triumphant return to the masses by way of their surprise reunion album May The Lord Watch that made fans of the North Carolina group remember the good old days. Producer 9th Wonder was sorely missed by many but it appears that Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh did their best to include […]

At the stroke of midnight, North Carolina Hip-Hop favorites Little Brother released a new body of work that has fans on Twitter gathered in celebration. The new album, May The Lord Watch, falls short of being a proper reunion by some as producer 9th Wonder has amicably decided to let Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh […]

Little Brother is officially back. Today (May 21), MC’s Phonte and Big Pooh revealed they are heading back into the studio and creating new music as LB.

It might have felt like the early 2000s again for many Hip-Hop fans Saturday night (Sept. 29) at the Art Of Cool music festival when Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder banded together once again. The trio better known to the masses as Little Brother rocked together for the first time in a decade […]

People holding their breath for a Little Brother reunion can exhale, but only a little bit. Co-founder Phonte Coleman says that the odds of the group getting back together are greater than they were in the past.

Less than 24 hours after consuming gluttonous amounts of grub among kinfolk, shoppers will trek out in the wee hours of Black Friday morning (November 28) to go on a buying spree. But what’s a shopping trip without a proper soundtrack?

By now, the benefits of hard work should be no secret to anyone who’s looking to achieve some sort of goal or milestone in life. Especially if that goal has some sort of entertainment label attached to it. Millions of people try to gain entry to fame through the same narrow window but with the […]

Over the weekend, Questlove of The Roots was involved in a brief Twitter scuffle with former Little Brother member Phonte. After Quest joked about Phonte rejoining with Rapper Big Pooh and 9th Wonder, the North Carolina rapper reacted strongly and even threw Solange Knowles under the bus.

The immensely talented Phonte drops a new video for “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night,” off of his solo album, Charity Starts At Home. He grabs up songbird Carlitta Durand, whom he has collaborated with as a part of Little Brother a number of times, to enhance the smooth  S1& Caleb-produced record. Directed by Kenneth Price, the video follows […]

#ImaDropOut is a new interview series by The Dropouts, in collaboration with The Pines, where they sit down with those of influence who dropped out from their respective academic institutions and chose the less conventional path to success. The first subject is North Carolina’s own Phonte of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange fame. At least finish high school, though.