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By now, the benefits of hard work should be no secret to anyone who’s looking to achieve some sort of goal or milestone in life. Especially if that goal has some sort of entertainment label attached to it. Millions of people try to gain entry to fame through the same narrow window but with the right dedication and sacrifice, anything is possible.

Which brings us to critically acclaimed Hip-Hop producer 9th Wonder. Nowadays the notion is any average Joe with an understanding of rhythm can purchase a beat machine on their accord and make noise (in the game). There are partial truths to that; a good chuck of rappers in don’t require a provocative instrumental to accent their simplistic flows. Yet, the concept of the self-taught Hip-Hop composer in the digital age was popularized by the North Carolina-bred maestro.

Most rap fans know much of the surface back story of 9th, born Patrick Douthit, 39 in Winston-Salem. There was the formation of Little Brother in the college days; the playing beats for Jay Z that opened the doors to create countless collaboration albums; etc. However, per his recent social media the road to get to the point of notoriety was paved with stone only the most determined human beings would be able to trek on.

9th opened up his Facebook to public in the wee hours of this morning (July 2) to give his testimony and show to all aspiring artists–whether struggle or on the cusp of blowing up–that it ain’t easy, just like Tupac used to say.

Flip through the gallery below to check out 9th’s #StoryOfTheStruggle as he calls labels it.

It may be a bit lengthy but it’s engaging from the first page and equally as informative.

Photos: Facebook/9th Wonder

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