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People holding their breath for a Little Brother reunion can exhale, but only a little bit. Co-founder Phonte Coleman says that the odds of the group getting back together are greater than they were in the past.

Ever since the group officially dissolved after their 2010 album Left Back, fans have been thirsting for a reunion. Even with Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder all releasing their own solo projects and other ventures, many fans still aren’t satisfied with that output.

As a guest on The Combat Jack Show, Phonte talked about getting the band back together, just to end it the right way once and for all.

“There’s one thing to say that I have the option to not do this — I can either take it or leave it,” says Phonte. “It’s another thing when that option no longer exists. So, it definitely made me think a lot about wanting — if nothing else — to just put a period at the end of the sentence, to end it properly.”

Little Brother’s break-up wasn’t the cleanest that we’ve seen. First 9th Wonder left the group. Big Pooh and Phonte would go on to release two albums as a duo, but then announced that they were going on a “hiatus.” No albums have dropped since then.

Listen to Phonte explain everything in the interview below.

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