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It’s Black Friday, which means that once again Walmart is the epicenter of f-ckery and struggle. Thanks to steep prices cuts on items like flat screen TVs, people have been losing all sense of moral decency, leading to violence while trying to get their hands on deeply discounted products.

Reports Gawker:

According to a Walmart press release, Thanksgiving was a day of record-breaking sales, sales that were “bigger, better, faster, cheaper and safer than ever.”

Safer, huh? Let’s examine the video evidence.

The fight above [below] is at a Walmart store in Elkin, N.C., captured by New York Filmmaker Brian Spain. According to Spain, “I immediately had an employee — I assume the manager since he was the one that kicked me out — tell me that I had to turn my camera off and leave the store or I would be arrested for trespassing.” The strategy for keeping the stores safer, you see, involves banning people from filming unsafe situations.

Check out more Walmart fight videos, and general madness, on the following pages.

Also, in Las Vegas, a guy robbed while home with his new TV (yeah) after the robber fired a warning shot. The victim chased after the guy who tried to steal said TV, only to get shot in his leg. The thief got away, but didn’t get the TV. Yes, this really happened.

Photo: YouTube

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