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David Brown a.k.a. Young Buck’s year has been topsy-turvey and somewhat blessed.

Since being released from prison this past October, the former G-Unit Soldier has been inching his way back to the studio, in hopes of a worthwhile comeback.

In a recent interview with his hometown Nashville FOX 17, Buck spoke on his recent charity giveaway for Thanksgiving and what he’s learned from his mistakes in the past.

Brown, 32 saw his stock rapidly decline in 2012, stemming from tax invasion charges from the IRS. Even with his heavy publicized money woes, there was still no hesitation on his part to give back to the even less fortunate.

“If there is a way for me to provide for the community…then I pretty much do it. I wanted to give my thanks for being there for staying strong through their struggles.”

He still knows he has a lot to be thankful for as well, seeing he could have died last year from a random act of maliciousness. He even settled down during his time in the Big House to obtain some higher learning.

“I even went to prison and came home with my GED,” he tells Fox 17 with look of accomplishment on his face. “So I felt like I accomplished something.”

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Photo: FOX