The legal and financial dispute between 50 Cent and former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is still going on. If you’re unfamiliar with the dispute, Buck has claimed that he had to file bankruptcy multiple times due to Fif’s business practices and, for the most part, 50 has responded by being petty and ridiculing Buck and […]

There seems to be no end to 50 Cent’s pettiness. All signs are pointing to him alleging that Young Buck is gay in a new social media post.

The bad fortune continues for Young Buck. He claims that 50 Cent’s lack of compassion has forced him to file bankruptcy.

It seems there will be yet another addition to Young Buck’s struggle files. He was recently booked by police for allegedly vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle.

Fif threw a shot towards Young Buck regarding his sexuality after a recent video alleging that the Tennessee rapper was gay recently surfaced.


Truth be told, we don't care what Buck's sexual preference is because it's really none of our business, but 50 Cent obviously isn't about to give Buck a pass and will use whatever defaming material he can to tease and bully Buck any chance he gets.

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck explains in detail what happened during his infamous encounter with a trans woman from that much-forgotten sex scandal in 2019. Was this part of his New Years' resolution?

It seems the public rushed to judgement on Young Buck. He is now clearing the air regarding his tumultuous ride with his former crew.

During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Fif revealed that he regrets creating the group who helped propel the careers of Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo, before adding that he has no plans of creating a documentary around the group after Whoo Kid raised the question due to the increase in Hip-Hop documentaries.


It's gotten to the point where he says that he's only got $100 in clothes, $100 in jewelry, and has to live off an allowance from his wifey while living in her house according to court documents.

At this point you either think 50 Cent is a great businessman or the pettiest millionaire right behind Donald Trump. His former talent is now free and is barking back.