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50 Cent

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

There seems to be no end to 50 Cent’s pettiness. All signs are pointing to him alleging that Young Buck is gay in a new social media post.

As per TMZ the spat between the G-Unit Records founder and his former artist rages on. Earlier this week the “Stomp” rapper spoke on his longstanding issues with Curtis on the most recent episode of It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper; specifically him having to file for bankruptcy for a second time because of 50 Cent. It seems the interview landed on Jackson’s radar. On Wednesday, April 13 Fif shared footage of what seems to be a trans woman speaking about her romantic affairs with Benzino. He took the opportunity to slight both Benzino and Buck in the caption. “Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket 🏀fool. LOL😆Hahaha, Nah 🤔FOR REAL! PUNK” he wrote.

The Nashville talent explained his reasoning on why filing chapter 13 was his best move. “Once he stopped me from being able to make money, I filed another bankruptcy,” Buck said. “They stopped him from being able to cease-and-desist in regards to me being able to, you know… I included what he claimed that I owed him in the bankruptcy to be able to say, ‘Well hey, if you’re owed this and present whatever receipts or whatever… You will be paid type of situation.’ But that was the only way I was able to go forward with working, so.”

Young Buck has denied all allegations of being homosexual.

Photo: Bernard Smalls